They serve as great finger foods for 8-month-olds. Finger foods can be introduced to a baby's diet from 8 months. By the time your infant develops their pincer grip—around eight to 10 months—more shredded pieces, smaller items and ground textures will work well. Introducing finger foods to your baby can be a bit of a challenge for parents. Eggs. Whole pasteurised (full-fat) cows' milk, or goats' or sheep's milk, can be used in cooking or mixed with food from around 6 months old, but not as a drink until your baby is 12 months. As the baby can bite the food using the gums which also helps speech muscles to develop! Egg is loaded with proteins, nutrients, and is easily digestible. They need to be ready for all the mess, allergies or even choking hazards once your baby starts eating finger food. Fish and meat . 7. Serving finger foods has many benefits for babies—such as better eye-hand coordination and exploration of new foods—but it can be tough to brainstorm meals for little ones without teeth. Eggs produced under the British Lion Code of Practice (stamped with the red lion) are considered very low risk for salmonella, and safe for babies and toddlers to eat raw or partially cooked. These 20 finger food ideas for babies are healthy and allergy friendly (gluten free, dairy free, egg free). Here are 20 finger foods for baby in varying shapes and textures: Steamed broccoli. Do supervise the baby when eating finger food, to avoid the risk of choking! Babies can try finger foods even they don't have teeth. Finger foods help to teach the baby to chew, encourage self-feeding & introduce different textures! You may feed her a boiled eggs or omelet, but cut them into small pieces. Easy and simple baby finger meal ideas that don’t come from a box, suitable for 9 + month old babies including toddlers. (Babies don’t need teeth for this!) 15 Healthy Finger Foods for a Baby Without Teeth. … 6. So, does that mean finger foods … Begin with egg yolk and as your little one gets used to it, offer egg white. Leave enough stem on your broccoli pieces to act as a handle.